Crying Alone Story

(Alone Girl Story Who Cries All Night )

Another day of pain and it is  bringing some more sorrows in my life. I'm just another girl trying to fit in this perfect world with some tummy and dried eyes.
I try new hairstyle everyday and wish someone would notice but there are people to criticize and no one to realize the hurt and pain i feel inside all night.
I did not imagine my life would fall apart this way and i never wished to live in this pain but there are truths that my eyes cannot hide and these tears come out uninvited.

Ugly and Beauty is not everything.
I wish you would understand it someday and you would let me enter you perfect world where i won't find myself insane.

Money Can' Buy Happiness (Part-2)


It was a bright sunny day but not like birds were chirping and butterflies. Blah Blah Blah because we live in city lol
All i am trying to say is it was a good day to forget about money and have a new beginning

( Dad entered alex room)
Mr. Brian- Hey son, Wake up 
you're getting late,  take this your pocket money and this time it's only 70$ that means 30$ less so that you will realize the worth of those 50$ you lost somewhere and you will try to be careful next time.
(Dad left)

(Alex talking to himself)
ugh! ugh! again this money and its worth aaah!
whats the value of money and why it's so important but i am feeling bad because only 70$ for this month  :(